Custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for all occasions


How does ordering a cake work?

If you head to the main menu of this website, you will find all the cake options under the section “MENU”. Consider the theme of your event, and what kind of design cake you’re looking for (if you don’t know thats totally fine, that’s what we’re here for!). Choose the cake size you’d like, the cake flavor and filling, and frosting preference (buttercream or fondant). You can see the base prices under “PRICING” section of the main menu. Go ahead and contact us through email or private message, and we’ll help you from there!


Should I go with buttercream cake or fondant cake? 

Depends what you’re looking for! Both cakes are covered with a buttercream crumb coat (a thin layer of buttercream) before either being frosted with buttercream or fondant. Buttercream cakes allow for textured lines, rosettes and other piped designs, and the classic wedding cake look. Fondant cakes allow for finer detail and have a soft smooth surface making the cake look almost “fake”. If you like the look but don’t prefer the taste, fondant can actually be easily peeled off the cake revealing buttercream underneath , although I find most kids love it!


What is fondant?

Fondant is a sugary, pliable dough that is used to cover cakes and make specific 3D decorations. It has somewhat of a marshmallowy taste.


Why are fondant cakes more expensive than buttercream cakes?

Fondant itself is much more expensive than buttercream, so that cost factor goes into the cake price. Fondant cakes also sometimes take longer to decorate than certain buttercream cake designs because of the detail on them, so time is a cost factor as well.


How much advanced notice do you need for ordering a cake/cupcakes/cookies?

The earlier the better, but I will take orders in as little as a week in advance if I am not fully booked already. But like I said, the earlier the better!


Do you do cake tastings?

At this time we do not provide cake tastings.


How does ordering work?

You may email me at, or PRIVATE message me on instagram or facebook. I will reply within 24 hours. I’m sorry I don’t quite have my business phone number set up yet.


Do I pick up or do you deliver?

You can pick up (I am located in Kailua) or I can deliver for a delivery fee ($20-50 depending on the location)


Most popular flavor combos?

I would say the vanilla cake with lilikoi cream filling, as well as the chocolate with peanut butter cream cakes are most popular combos!


Will my cake hold up outside?

I don’t recommend any cake be under direct sunlight, but my cakes can hold up outside for 3-4 hours as long as it is under shade. Sometimes, due to humidity, the cake may sweat a little (little condensation beads will form), but as time goes on it will evaporate.


How long can the cake sit out for?

The cake can sit out for 3-4 hours (I would say 3 if its a really hot day), and if longer should be refrigerated. There is fresh cream and other perishable ingredients inside. It does taste best at room temperature, so take your cake out at least 1-2 hours or so before you plan on serving it.


How does payment work?

I accept cash or check at the time the cake is picked up/delivered, or venmo before hand. For cakes over $150 I do require half of the payment to secure the date, and the rest of the payment after the cake has been delivered/picked up.


What if I want a wedding cake with fresh flowers?

I LOVE wedding cakes with fresh flowers, however I do ask that you supply me with the flowers you want on your cake and I will assemble them on for you. They can be delivered the day before the cake is ready.


*If you have any other questions feel free to email us: